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Mike Reilly

Luxmore Realty Manager | Mreillyluxmorerealty@gmail.com
Luxmore Realty Manager | Mreillyluxmorerealty@gmail.com
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Mike Reilly

Luxmore Realty Manager
Luxmore Realty Manager

About Me

Was born and raised in Vancouver and obtained his Real Estate license in 1979. He started his real estate career on Kingsway in Vancouver and then obtained additional licenses for Agent Nominee/Managing Brokers, Mortgagee Brokers license, Strata Property Managers license and Real Estate Securities license.

The first house he sold was $50,000 on a 33 X 122 lot and the first Condo was $22,000.

In 1980 to1983 he was also co-owner and operator of a mortgage brokerage/real estate company arranging and focused mostly on constructions loans for developers and private placement second and third mortgages.

In 1983 Mike started my first real estate company in Vancouver (Multiple Realty still in business) and in just over two years built the company from 2 people to over 150 Realtors. In his last month of ownership his office had 27% of all the listings in its market place.

Mike sold Multiple Realty in 1986 and he started his Real Estate Development Career building his first home in 1986. Then going on to build multifamily developments building, building his first apartment building in 1988 and his first townhome project in 1986 in Vancouver.

Since these early projects and with the experience he gained Mike has either developed and built by myself or for his clients about 2000 strata title apartments units, about 250 luxury town homes, a number of land subdivisions ranging from 10 lots to 70 plus, small commercial strip malls and a very large commercial shopping centre as well as a neighborhood brew pub.  Basically 1, 2 or 3 projects on the drawing boards, under construction or at various stages of the development process every year for over 20 years in a row.

He has also done or arranged numerous joint ventures, financing partnerships, construction loans and extensive commercial leasing for his clients and their development projects.

In the late 80 and early 90’s Mike spearheaded a number of condo blow out sales were he would buy the whole building put in place and set up the strata corporation and then blow out the units in wholesale marketing all sold out in one day.

One of these building, a concrete high rise, had a structural failure (post tension construction) and they were successful in suing the original developer, the architect, the city and all the civil disciplines and then repaired the building and re-certified it. This was about a 5 million repair job and it gave Mike extensive legal knowledge and made him an expert in Concrete construction.

At the same time he also worked for a number of high profile individuals an investment company groups in the late 1980’s buying and selling commercial and development properties and deal joint venture structuring.

For about 20 years he also worked with one individual on numerous large projects. In 1995 he started assembling land and by 1997 they commenced building on it. By 1998 they had (with this development team) rezoned and master planned out this multi-family community in Nanaimo totaling about 1400 units on about 40 acres of land. For their first two building on the project they won “The Georgie Award”, for being the very best multi-family developer on Vancouver Island, the very best multi-family developer in BC and the best in all of Canada. There is still land to build about another 800 units including 3 hire rise apartments’ towers. In 1998 they estimated that this project would generate about 500 million in sales.

During this same period Mike started a family and purchased out the United Realty office in Surrey with partners. He grew this office from 20 to about 90 agents and managed it for almost 17 years.

Mike knows that operating a real estate office while doing real estate developments is a huge asset, it reduces overheard during the planning process for the developments and keeps you in intimate touch with what’s going on in the market place and provides some prime real estate opportunities that others simply do not get a chance at.

Mike has been an agent nominee/managing broker and developer for over 36 years now and has a vast amount of knowledge of every aspect of the Real Estate business. He also has the ability to motivate those around him and he possesses the knowledge and experience to handle any situation. Mike is always willing to take the time to assist, teach and help others and I don’t think that there is any situation whatsoever in the real estate business and the development business that you could come across that he has not seen or dealt with in the past.

All this knowledge and experience is the most valuable asset one can possess and this is why Mike has been the key man and catalyst in every project and development from start to finish and the general managing partner in all these ventures. This includes but is not limited to all the planning and execution right from land acquisition, zoning, re-zoning, development permits, contracts, financing, building permits, building construction, servicing, legal, warranty, marketing and disclosures for marketing, payroll and everything else in between.

On a personal side, Mike has also dedicated some time to my community as director of the Delta Arts Council, and the Delta Chamber of Commerce and spent a number of years as Vice President of the Scott Road Business Association and he has also been active in politics running for Mayor of Delta back in 2001.

In 2003, from one of his townhome development projects, he built a home and gave all the net proceeds from the sale to the CKNW orphans fund charity.

Mike is also an avid fisherman and recently invented a small car top boat called The Frog Boat. He has secured Canadian and USA patents for this. The Frog Boat web site is www.onefrogtwo.com check it out. Mike and The Frog Boat are also featured on about a dozen 30 minute TV sports fishing shows that are now starting to air in Canada and the USA.

The Frog Boat

Since 2009 Mike was the managing broker for Sutton West Coast on Cambie Street in Vancouver. When he took over that office it had 120 agents. We I left there, to start up Luxmore Realty with this great group of talented and honorable individuals, he had grown the office to about 190 agents and they were the number one office in income and production per agent in the company. Doing 2250 sales transactions in his last year there with a  total dollar volume of about 2.5 billion dollars.

If you ask me how he can do all this, he says it is simple, he likes to work, he likes a challenge, and he likes to be efficient and not waste time or money.

Most importantly he understands that it’s always a team approach that succeeds and it is really important to use the resources available to their full extent.

Mike personally treats everyone with respect and in the spirit of the golden rule. He wants to inspire his family, his friends and his business associates to always do the same and do their very best.

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